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Serves : 6-8 / Preparation Time : 15 minutes + 12-36 hours rest / Cooking Time : about 2 hours
La Cornue® Element Used:
- flamberge
Orange juice
0.75 cl
Guava juice
0.75 cl
Vanilla pods
3 or 4
A bit of alcohol such as rum or Grand Marnier
Brown sugar
200 g
  1. Turn the pineapple 
  2. Make the marinade in a freezer bag: mix the orange juice, guava juice, vanilla, lemon (juice and zest) and alcohol if desired
  3. Rest the pineapple in the marinade for 12 to 36 hours in the fridge
  4. Roast the pineapple on the spit over low heat for about 2 hours
  5. While the pineapple is roasting, make the caramel by pouring the marinade and brown sugar into a saucepan. Reduce for 2 hours over low heat
  6. Slice the pineapple and serve warm with caramel
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