Passionate gourmets the world over seek out La Cornue.

Our reputation is fortified each day by those who engineer, build, refine, test, and polish each La Cornue. As a result, the name La Cornue represents a renowned spirit.  

A La Cornue is a masterpiece of heirloom quality... an icon of French cuisine and culture. Each range will only gain value with time… and to us, it is in this fact that we truly define the word: luxury. Although some of our ranges can take up to four months to complete, they can inspire for generations. 

While we export ranges to more than 250 retailers in 30 countries, it’s comforting to also note that La Cornue, at its core, remains a craft manufacturer, with a full compliment of only 60 employees.

Each range is made by hand and the labor is intensive. Each worker is a specialist, understanding the greater goal.  

They are not just craftsmen, but companions to each range along its journey from inception to crated final product. They are experts in steel, copper and brass, inspired by great design, working as a team to create an inspired tradition. 

True excellence can only be achieved when every step in the process is in pursuit of perfection.