Presented at Salone del Mobile Milan from 12th to 17th April 
EuroCucina Hall 9 stand B05 / B07

La Cornue is interested in the beauty of transformation associated with this new creation, a story about the transcendence of a common object to become a work of art and the “metamorphosis of the material during moments of poetic grace”.

For each edition of EuroCucina, La Cornue prides itself on the exercising of style, and dreams up an exceptional creation to demonstrate its expertise in the world of luxury kitchens, and also pursues the dialogue it maintains with other areas of knowledge and other craftsmen who reside, as it does, in the world of modernity.

This is amply demonstrated in the brand new design of the Château 150, created this year in collaboration with the Dutch designer Lex Pott. Under the guidance of the designer, the solid brass faces of the iconic ranges are transformed into fascinating oxidised textures of electric blue.

Lex Pott’s work has always been passionate and highly personal in regards to both the materials used and their origins, he uses minimalist lines to bring out the essence of things. Growing up in a family of painters, he approaches transformation in its all its pictorial, graphical and formal aspects. His work on the oxidation of metals has led to what can only be termed “true colour”.

“The idea here was not to work on the effect, but above all to find original colours, to work with oxidation without sinking into traditionalism, to find an approach which was both poetic and contemporary at the same time.  “

This method of approaching transformation remains faithful to the creative processes used at La Cornue, and more specifically, to the raw materials transformed into exceptional objects at the Paris workshops, letting the object itself render this last transformation, that which La Cornue has been overseeing for over a century, the transformation of raw food into an exquisite dish.

Technical information
Château 150 Lex Pott edition
Doors and front face plated in solid oxidised brass
Bright brass frames
2 vaulted ovens, gas and electric

Price: on request



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