La Cornue W.

Why we have developed the line La Cornue W.

La Cornue was born in 1908 from an innovative idea of a gas-fired dome oven that for the first time offered the benefits of natural, even, radiating heat that would not dry out the foods. Albert Dupuy’s philosophy, combining scientific curiosity with boldness and gourmet hedonism, have never left us. Progress is measured by the benefits and happiness it procures. La Cornue defends a special vision of the kitchen, the heart of the home, both intimate and gourmand, but also a place to share the special moments in the grand tradition of the French lifestyle.

It is in keeping with this philosophy that we developed the Cornue W. line in collaboration with the French architect-designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte. This contemporary, innovative and spectacular approach to French lifestyle is truly a point of convergence between tradition and modernity. The style and signature of Jean-Michel Wilmotte make a true reference for lovers of architecture and design.


Two worlds, a meeting



C.E.O. of La Cornue

La Cornue defends a special vision of the kitchen as the intimate and gourmand heart of the home, but also a place for sharing special moments in the grand tradition of the French lifestyle…

It is this concept of culinary architecture that Domaines Culinaires La Cornue embody. But this approach does not meet the expectations of young architects and designers engaged in creativity and modernity. La Cornue’s timeless offer does not find its place in their forward-leaning worlds.
So, we have to be bold and create an attractive modern alternative of the French lifestyle – propose an innovative culinary line whose design is a true reference for professionals, a line as lasting and prestigious as our other creations. It is a big challenge for a small company like ours.
It was around a renowned table that I met Jean-Michel Wilmotte, a world-acclaimed French architect and designer. We were in gourmet company, an excellent opportunity to tell him of the project I had in mind. The more we talked, the more I had the agreeable feeling that we were speaking the same language, that we shared the same vision of what architecture and design could bring to the culinary arts. At dessert, all that was left for me to do was to ask him if the perspective of collaboration with La Cornue interested him.
Today, after two years of development, we are proud to present to you the new La Cornue W line by Wilmotte, which is distinctive not only by its original concept and innovative design. For example, the 150 cm range with its powerful inductors controlled on the front is truly a technical tour de force. Our new electric vault oven with probe with an accuracy of one degree is no less a feat. La Cornue W cooking ranges and ovens are made in France, in our shops, on a unit basis and on order, by Compagnons La Cornue.
La Cornue W by Wilmotte offers design lovers new possibilities for creating their exclusive, prestigious culinary universe while preserving the essential: Making the kitchen the epicenter of happiness in the home.

Xavier Dupuy.



Architect & Designer

« The agency has often prescribed La Cornue ovens in its projects. We are well aware of the expectations of this particularly demanding clientele, both in functional terms and aesthetics.
To my mind, the La Cornue spirit is the opposite of the equipped kitchen. So, when designing the W line, we looked at it as “kitchen furniture”, treating these elements as autonomous, single items.
Our pure lines and clear construction re-interpreted the elements while keeping with the fundamentals of La Cornue, like the control levers on the front and the traditional towel bar that are the true emblems of the brand.
It is a passionate adventure to work for a historic company and to help it on its path to the future.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte