Island Unit

The La Cornue “Savoir-faire”

Our conviction is that every time space allows, a kitchen designed around a central island unit provides a more functional, more gourmet, more convivial and more elegant environment. Everything is easily organised around the cooking area.

Whoever is cooking, a Mum, an inspired amateur or a celebrated chef, they shouldn’t be forced to exercise their talents alone – facing a wall. Cooking on a central island means being at the centre of things. A central island is like a stage. Family and friends can communicate around a central island. People watch, learn, ask questions, make comments, taste and join in…if the person cooking will let them! The kitchen radiates around the central island and imposes every dimension of itself. Cooking is demonstrated as a creative act, an act of conveyance and sharing.

The Chateau island unit is the showpiece of La Cornue kitchen design. When designing the island, the chosen Chateau range can be installed with Chateau metal furniture, with colour and finishes to match the range, or Mémoire furniture in natural or painted wood.

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