The new La Cornue vaulted ovens


The latest generation of vaulted ovens

Our new ranges are now equipped with an exclusive patented innovation: the RCC disk, standing for Radiation, Convection and Conduction.


In the G4 gas oven, the traditional burner tube has been replaced by an entirely new assembly. A highly energy- efficient circular burner is situated in the centre of the oven floor, crowned with the cast iron RCC disc.

Simultaneously diffusing and retaining heat, the RCC disk ensures regular heat distribution in three distinct ways: Conduction (when, for example, a casserole dish is put to simmer directly on top of the disk) as well as natural Convection, with regular and even circulation of hot air, and Radiation, as the heat reflects off the interior walls.


The latest generation electric oven has four cooking modes, is easy to use and has very precise temperature controls. With the control knobs situated to the right of the oven, you can easily select the cooking method you need: grill, oven floor, floor-vault combination or forced convection