Flamberge Rotisserie

The new key unit in the cooking area

A real jewel of technology, the Flamberge Centenaire roasts all meats, poultry, fish and whole fruits perfectly.

With a new, streamlined yet spectacular design, and a reliable, simplified mechanism, the Flamberge optimises the circulation of heat flow.

Both easy to fit because it has no particular ventilation constraints and practical, the Flamberge is a magnetic attraction in any kitchen, immediately arousing a desire to use it.

La Cornue designed special cabinet to accommodate “The Flamberge rotisserie” which will also offer you additional storage.

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Technical information

The accessible parts are hot while in use: Ideally the Flamberge unit should be fitted into a non-combustible cavity. Good ventilation must be ensured with several fresh-air entry points and cool-air exit points in front and behind the machine.
The gas supply requires a 15mm (1/2 inch BSP) pipe connection to be fitted to the unit.
A valve to shut off the gas must be installed.
A 13 amp electric feed is required at the bottom rear of the Flamberge unit

Weight : 60 kg

Voltage : 230 V mono

Gaz : natural gaz, propane, butane

Accessories : 1 porcelain roasting tray, 2 roasting spits, 1 roasting spit with clamp.

Customize your Flamberge Rotisserie

Cocoa - Brushed brass & brushed stainless steel