The La Cornue vaulted oven

The La Cornue vaulted oven

Founding values : The La Cornue vaulted oven

In a traditional or conventional oven, the surface of the food is subjected to unequal temperatures depending on its distance from the top, bottom and walls. Some areas of the oven are hotter than others and have a greater tendency to dry food out. The right level of humidity plays a decisive role in preserving the qualities of the food during the cooking process. As a general rule, it is better to maintain constant humidity inside an oven with a sealed door than to open the oven regularly to baste the food, which results in a significant loss of moisture.

In a double-walled La Cornue vaulted oven, the distribution and circulation of heat are regular and natural. The food is cooked in a consistent atmosphere. The solid door is manufactured to seal the oven, maintaining the optimal level of humidity. All food cooked in these respectful conditions will stay moist and retain unrivalled subtlety and flavour.

For the Château ranges with two ovens, we recommend using the gas vaulted oven for roasting meat, poultry and fish and the electric vaulted oven for pastry and baking.

Gas or electric, the latest generation La Cornue vaulted ovens are now controlled electronically, enabling extremely precise temperature settings with 5 degree increments. A probe also shows the temperature at the heart of the dish in real time.