Carbon fibre is an extraordinary high- tech material, usually associated with the Aerospace and Formula One industries.

Supremely sleek in matt black, it marries high performance with real glamour, never more so than in the new La Cornue Château 150 Carbon Edition…

Originally designed in 2014 as a one-off piece to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of La Cornue’s emblematic Château 150 model, the carbon finish proved so popular that it is now available to order. Matt black carbon fibre panels are paired with a stainless steel trim in black-tinted finish, below left, or traditional stainless steel trim, below right – creating a dramatic new signature stove.


The original Château was designed in 1964 by André Dupuy, son of La Cornue’s founder, Albert Dupuy who designed the original patented ‘vaulted oven’. Loved by chefs and serious cooks alike, it concentrates the natural circulation of hot air, retaining natural moisture to enhance both taste and texture. Today the company is run by Andre’s son Xavier Dupuy, and every La Cornue is still a one- off, handmade and finished to order in the Paris workshops. This is made-to-measure craftsmanship.

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